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John Neugent has been in the bike industry forever. Maybe not literally, but longer than the vast majority of people currently working, and he has developed a really unique way of creating product and looking at what is happening. John started Neuvation wheels in 2002, and was the owner of the value-based wheelset company that had a loyal, yet small following. John shut the doors to Neuvation in early 2014, but is already back with a new approach to bringing high-value wheels to the cycling industry.

There are no minced words when John speaks about his company, or how the industry works.  It is refreshing and honest, something he says is what creates his loyal followings.  There are a lot of people out there who just want to ride a bike, and not sift through the clutter, and John speaks directly to them, both literally with his popular newsletter, and through the products he is bringing with his new company, Neugent Cycling

We recently caught up to John to hear his thoughts on starting something new, and where he thinks the industry is doing things right or wrong…

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John Neugent owned and operated Neuvation Wheels, a company that offered high-value wheels from 2002 to early 2014. Neugent, who had just left as President of Sachs USA when it was sold to SRAM, opened Neuvation with a direct to consumer internet model that was less common in 2002.

After a brief eight-month break from the industry, Neugent has returned with Neugent Cycling, this time concentrating on wheels that are custom assembled in San Luis Obispo, California. The Neugent wheels are hand-built for each customer and signed by the builder. We just received a set for a long-term test, and wanted to offer some initial impressions and specs.

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John Neugent probably knows more about bicycle wheels than anyone else alive. Maybe more about bikes as well. He's spent his life in the bike business, at every level. He now owns Neugent Cycling, a firm devoted to delivering world-class equipment at the lowest possible price. If you are in the market for a set of wheels, please, check out John's site. He really knows his stuff. —Chairman Bill

It wasn’t that long ago that all wheels came with lots of spokes—normally 32 to 36. Then in the 80s, Mavic introduced wheel systems with remarkably few spokes. All of a sudden people realized that spokes slowed them down. Think of a wheel as a giant egg beater. The more spokes, the more air you are going to churn and the slower you will go.

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Here's another article published May 11th

Spoke Lacing

This is the first in a multipart series. 

When I started building wheels in 1973 there was almost no information on bicycle wheel construction and what was available was extremely confusing so I decided to reason out the logic on wheel lacing.

I will go into tensioning, and other topics in the future.

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Third Most Read Story on the Bicycle Retailer Web Site for 2014

At the close of 2014 Bicycle Retailer and Industry News – THE trade site for bicycle industry news and information published their list of most read stories for 2014.  I reached the podium by being #3 for the year.

I have to admit that I was truly amazed that a story about closing down Neuvation Cycling would have even made the top ten – never mind the third spot.  It’s quite an honor.

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