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When I ran Neuvation Cycling, I wrote a five times a week newsletter.  They consisted of a combination of bike info, humor, and whever came to mind.  If you have to come up with one every day and run a business at the same time, you pretty much write whatever comes out.  At the end of the newsletters was (is) my marketing or specials.  Outside of that, they humanize me.  People want to know who they are dealing with and if they read a short daily newsletter on a regular basis, they will find out.  Here's are some comments from readers.


You are a virtual treasure of marketing/business info.   Thanks, Joe

Love your newsletter, and your wheels are rock solid.  Brian S

I would like to say thank you for your daily newsletters.  I look forward to them like Chinese fortune cookies.   You never know what they will talk about yet always gives you a little humor and insight. Andy

I snorked a sip of coffee when I opened/read this email.  Good one John! 

That’s funny! JC

As I look back at the year, I am thankful for many, many things, including your newsy, anecdotal little daily emails.  Most days I can't say that about any other vendor or supplier or  friend.....  Rich NJ

Loved the letter and laughed out loud while reading it.  Mike

That was excellent John. Nich

Looking forward to getting my daily e-mail fix from the Neuge. Russ

I just love reading your email. Dave

Oh man, your comments made my side ache from laughing so hard.  That thing must be a joy in high winds. Paul K

John,  I really look forward to reading your newsletters. You are so darn full of wit that I am almost compelled to buy something from you. ---- Joe

Great essay John, Thanks!! John B

Your newsletters crack me up....keep them coming!  I think your under reporting the anticipated 20% that will report amazing (perceived) performance improvements Andy D

HAHAHAHA!!! That's hilarious! Thanks for that:)  Patrick K

I loved this one. PVN

Thanks!  For being a hoot and a half.   Bill

You are a funny man! PH

Full belly laughs at this one.  Well done Mister N.!  Rich

You are hilarious!!! Let me know more about your thoughts on the new website when you have a minute. Almon 

John, you are the best!!  Thanks for the entertaining read (again!)  Ray

I haven't bought any thing yet. But I do read your daily tweet. Actually I look foreword to it. Thanks  Greg

Awesome email, John!!! Loved it.  So glad you called my attention to the massively inspiring performance of Chris Horner's.  I makes me proud as an American and a 40-something wanna-be.  Paul

This one was really good and funny. Antonio


Congrats, I think you do a great job by just jogging the memory cells or causing some random thought processes to kick in.  I really appreciate the insider info on the bike industry, kind of fascinating.  Terry

I have to say, I really enjoy reading your observations! 

Very amusing and they keep me interested in your products. Very smart.  Chris

Another gem!!  You should consider a compilation in book form.   Jim

You are right.  We should know that from our political system that a little cynical goes a long way.  Thanks for the blog and keep it up.  Richard

John, just a quick note-I am really glad you started the newsletter. It is one of things I look forward to everyday.   Dave

“it’s not worth going nuts over the color of your nipples”  I nominate you for quote of the year!  Keep up the good work  Rob

"It's not worth going nuts over the color of your nipples" You are the Larry David of the bike industry. You are one funny guy!   Jim

This one had me laughing out loud.  The great John Neugent pontificating on the virtues of supply catalogues.   Someday I will come out to Cali to meet you. If I start laughing for no reason, blame this mail.  Rich

Well said.  (golf clap) Very well said. Brian

Gorgeous mail.   Really, really heartfelt and really great. Well done John.  Rich 

Great insight. You should be widely quoted. Your words should be carved on a big stone next to the entrances of the major American business schools.  Ben

Just wanted to let you know that yours is the only newsletter I read faithfully every day & you never disappoint me. From technical expertise that I can barely fathom to economic insights to current events in the cycling world, you are the entertainer & purveyor of unique information.  Lisa

John...always enjoy your daily reflection (rant).   This particularly resonated  with me today:  Sanford

This is one of my favorites of all your posts. Thanks John.  Stephen

John: I feel like you just described yourself. A priceless resource of information, passion, and occasional bullshit. Steve


Don't know if it is you and a team of creatives, but I see a second career looming on your horizon.  "The late show, starring John Neugent!" 

Hilarious!!  Carl

Ya know John, if Letterman needs a writer......... Seriously, good stuff. Keep it coming.  George

You have been on a roll with these.  Today's is great too.  I really like reading your mails John and I am a bit jaded, so that's saying a lot.

Great work.  That was a really moving tribute.  You are a good man John Neugent.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your articles, and I will try and make a few more purchases this year.  Stan

I get a lot a crap emails and delete almost everything, but I LOVE reading your vignettes and never miss them. You run an awesome bike shop, too, and I will own a pair of your C45s before the year is over.  Paul

Wish there was a 'Like" button  Fritz

This is another email that I feel deserves much praise. I love the perspective of knowing what motivates/drives certain industries and individuals.   You consistently bring up great points with the bike industry and again here for food companies. "I shouldn't stuff my face"...but they aren't into selling us 'not their products'.  Helps feed my mind at work.   Look forward to your emails every day.  Thanks for reading - Scott PS: don't mind me stealing that for the respect factor in this email. 

This could be your best writing yet.  Thanks John.  Matthew

Classic! – Chad

I am in total absolute agreement. Keep’em coming. Tom H